Kani Selvam

Hello, I am Kani Selvam, a certified nutritional consultant & fitness coach. Nice to meet you!

I am a software engineer turned health coach who found her passion in healthy living. Now I am on a mission to transform more lives who I believe could be in a place where I was a couple of years ago, wanting to get stronger and healthier but not having an idea where and how to begin.

This is my space in the vast world of the internet where I would be sharing content on various topics like physical health, workout, diet & nutrition, mindset, and much more.
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Fitness Programs

I do 1:1 online coaching for my clients with whom I work very closely to help create customized diet plans for them based on their diet history. This makes it a non-intimidating & sustainable journey which they undergo for not just a physical transformation, but also to develop a healthy mindset about food and nutrition. This way, they continue to eat well and live fit even after the program ends.

In addition, I also provide regular Online Workouts Sessions where we log in to sweat together, smash some unwanted fats and grow some muscles for those after selfies. 😉

If you want to learn more about my plans, kindly check here.

Get Fit with
Coach Kani Selvam

Do you have questions about our fitness package and training details?

What my clients are saying about their experience

Kavitha Venkat
Software Engineer

The favourite part of this program is that Kani is always available to answer my questions

Kani has already helped me to reduce my postpartum weight and made me understand the importance of strength training and mindful eating. But once again, I have decided to participate in 12 weeks fitness program, in order to stick to my diet plan and workout routine.   The diet chart provided by kani is simple and healthy, it makes me feel like I am eating what I want, just much healthier. She kept me motivated to focus on my fitness goal throughout the program and even after that. The favourite part of this program is that Kani is always available to answer my questions, to get feedback and motivation, and her tips help me to maintain my workout routine even when I am on vacation. Thank you so much kani, because of you I am motivated to join gym and stay focused.

client testimonial
Sowmya Sithivinayagam
Software Engineer

There is indeed a change in lifestyle that is giving and will be giving a lot of goodness.

It was an amazing amount of knowledge that I have gained and certainly has brought many little changes to my life in terms of spending time for myself be it for my health and mind. Be it talking a walk frequently, be it mindful eating.   Be it thinking twice before I even take a cookie when it's not required – there is indeed a change in lifestyle that is giving and will be giving a lot of goodness.

Archana Subramanian Iyer
Home Maker

I feel everything is good as Kani is very friendly and motivating.

I have been totally beyond amazed by the results of following Kani's nutrition plan which she adapted to my likes and dislikes and my eating habits. Not only have I lost the fat more than I expected to lose, but I have also got more energy and I feel much healthier overall. I am eating more food than I did before I started with Kani and healthier food rather than quick bites of junk. Now I feel more confident and good when I am fitting into the type of clothes which I wanted to wear. Before the diet, I never used to walk or cycle and I was unable to walk even 4 km, but now I can feel a great difference in my stamina and I am able to walk for 10kms and cycle for 12kms without any difficulty. I have made walking and exercise as my routine and I think this helps me to lead a healthier lifestyle. I would highly recommend Kani to my friends who also want to lose weight and improve their lifestyle. She is very friendly and highly motivating especially when I was stressed about my weight not reducing, she would always explain to me positively and make me understand clearly. Also the best part is that we can message her anytime and ask the queries, she would be always available and respond quickly. Thank you Kani for creating a change in my lifestyle and eating habits.

Renu Karthika
Home Maker

I never feel like I’m following a diet.

transformation by Coach KaniEarlier I tried 'n' number of workouts and diets. Nothing worked for me. It took me one month to reduce two kilos that too with severe workout and diet. But now in this program, everything is like magic. The one thing that I should do is to eat what the diet chart says. Well, it does not make any difference with my daily routine except few modifications. I never feel like I'm following a diet. Happily looking forward to reaching my goal.

Alexis Alphonse
Sr. Quality Engineer

Thank you Coach Kani for helping me get my Physique which I had ten years before!!

  This program really helped me to get a healthy lifestyle with Kani's diet chart and exercise plan. She gives continuous feedback which helped me a lot to understand what to do and what not to do. I am pretty confident that I can maintain this. transformation by Coach Kani

Aarthi KN
Working Professional

Her permutations and combinations of foods in diet is the most interesting element of this journey.

Writing this feedback with full happiness and satisfaction!! aarthi-transformation The way Kani had made her permutations and combinations of foods that have to be a part of the diet is the most interesting element of this journey. Apart from guiding me in taking the right foods in the right quantity, she also made me understand how to progress further, by sharing the diet insights and how a diet should work. She is more like a friend than being a mentor. I could feel so comfortable in sharing everything that was a hindrance in my fitness journey to date. I'm so happy that I found a friendly coach and I will surely follow all her fitness requisite and diet with full confidence and enthusiasm. Thank you, Kani!!

Varsha Jayaraman
Human Resources

Lost 5.4 kilos and several inches & gained lots of confidence!

'Get fit with Coach Kani Selvam' has helped me in multiple ways. I have lost 5.4 kilos and several inches gained lots of confidence and witnessed many dopamine-inducing moments during the course of these three months. Kani's speciality is that she creates the diet and the workout plans to suit our lifestyle so meticulously that they can be made sustainable as long as we are committed to our fitness goal. She is prompt in clearing doubts and sharing useful information, and customizing the process at specific checkpoints based on our body's response, which proves the matchless aspect her methodology holds as opposed to crash diets. I've had a few moments where I couldn't conform to the nitty-gritty of the process (I've had cheat meals on my birthday and a few other days) but she stood by me patiently and guided me for getting back on track. transformation by coach kani   Thanks a lot, Kani! Miles to go before I sleep, and I'm hoping to walk, run and gallop all along the journey with you!  

Dhivya Solaiappan
Dental Surgeon

Seeing my healthy weight loss, my family too started following healthy diet.

transformation picI'm Dr. Dhivya Solaiappan I'm a dental surgeon. Yup, I'm very glad to have that 12-weeks program from those I came to know the good relationship with food. Even though I'm a big foodie and addicted to sweets, I'm able to handle maturely when people surround me ate sweets. It didn't tempt me bcos I know what is good for my body's health. Every meal I enjoy eating veggies which I hated before. Those days made me realize a healthy diet is to follow for a lifetime. I'm active nowadays usually. Lying on the bed with a mobile - that lazy time has reduced bcos I'm committed to cooking for myself & do workouts.💪 Very little time with social media made me healthy. Seeing my healthy weight loss, my family too joined and started following the correct healthy diet. Thank you so much Kani Akka, she was always there, she pat my shoulders from Germany through her words and encouraged me always. Thank you! Love ❤


This is an amazing journey and helped me to reduce my weight, make me healthy and feel light and giving more confidence. This program educated me to eat balanced food and realized how important to be fit.

Pravitha Ramakrishnan

She was like a person known to me for many years.

Now I understood what things are important to have in our daily diet. Though I struggle to do exercise along with house chores with a 6-month-old baby and toddler. I still notice inch-loss and have reduced around 4 kgs which I feel happy about.   Kani was so friendly and so patient in explaining everything. Gives suggestions on parenting as well. It never felt like I was talking to a coach. She was like a person known to me for many years.

Ramesh Ekambaram

Based on my interest & habits she derived a plan and I feel that is her real success formula.

Kani is very professional and proactive in providing diet & workout plans and also provides timely input and guidance through the course period. She also keeps us motivated always. She is a very knowledgeable professional and understands the dynamics of every individual and then provides customized diet and work out plans which are really worked for me personally (based on my interest, habits she derived a plan) and I feel that is what her real success formula. All the best Kani and keep many people healthy like you and me.


This program also improves the health of my hair, skin, and nails.

It's really been a wonderful experience getting trained with you for these 12 weeks. The interesting fact about this program that surprised me was that I didn't have to starve even a single day and had no tiredness in my body even though I almost exercise every day. The best part is that Kani customized my diet and made the workout plans according to my time schedule, energy level, and ability. More than appearance, I always wanted to have a healthy body and a better lifestyle, and to achieve that Kani kept me motivated throughout this journey. This program not only helps me to reduce my weight but also improves the health of my hair, skin, and nails. Thank you so much, Kani for your continuous support and guidance. All the best for your future endeavors.

Bhavana Raju

My transformation was just a daydream before Kani made it happen.

transformation-by-kani-selvamShe made me understand the value of quantified nutrition as well as the importance of strength training in our life. I started to follow the food chart she prepared for me and started doing home workouts under her guidance.   She used to conduct online workout sessions and made sure our form of exercise is correct. She made sure the food chart should have all the items that I am already taking, of course with little tweaks. She always told me to eat good food more and exercise. Your diet shouldn’t make you sad is what she believes in.

Priya Shetty

I was under the assumption that I was eating the right food but Kani proved me wrong. 😉

I know Kani as a friend first then a fitness coach for 3 years. I was quite impressed and inspired to see Kani's transformation in one of her pics. That's when I contacted her and shared with her how I am struggling to lose weight and remain fit. I was under the assumption that I was eating the right food but Kani proved me wrong. 😉 She introduced me to eating a nutritious meal that includes carbs, proteins, fat, etc. All the terms that she used during my fitness journey with her like portion control, include protein in every meal, exercise, and drink lots of water make complete sense to me now. 🙂 I can manage to exercise for only 30 minutes a day as I am a working mother but I ensure that I follow Kani's tips and advice. I wish you good luck Kani, you're doing a great job!

Blessy Kingsley
IT Consultant - Lufthansa Cargo

It changed my overall view of everything I eat.

I have immensely benefited from the diet charts and nutritional advice received throughout the 12 weeks journey. It changed my overall view of everything I eat. I started planning my meals well and also started exercising to maintain my body. Many thanks to Kani Akka for all the efforts and suggestions. Highly recommend this fitness program to anyone looking for a healthy & charged life.

Pradheebha Nataraj

I really enjoyed this fitness program and it help me a lot to improve my health

fitness transformation... and also reduce my weight without affecting my job. Previously I saw a lot of weight loss videos on social media and I tried to follow them but the result of the program is not satisfying and it creates a lot of health issues. Finally, I found out about the great trainer (Kani mam). She is always friendly in nature and motivates me in every step and her diet chart is very easy to follow and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I learned a lot about health in this 12week program and it'll help me to maintain my weight and make me fit throughout my day-to-day life.

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