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Diet & Workout During Vacation – How Can You Maintain Your Progress?

Summer – the time best known for Vacation and Bikini Bodies. Wait, our goal here is not about how to transform into a zero size (not that I recommend it). But my main focus here is to talk about how most of us plan our vacations in summer – and what we can do to keep up with our fitness regime. Kids will be…

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Boost Your Metabolism – Make These 5 Lifestyle Corrections.

Do you remember as a teenager, you could easily chug down 1-2 overloaded burgers, cheese fries, a glass of soda? And you still had room for some more. What’s astonishing is you & your stomach would forget about this ravenous meal the next day. But if you’re way past your teenage, then just the thought of eating all this is enough to displease your…

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Finding the Best Protein Sources in Germany – An Expert’s Guide

What’s the first thought that crosses your mind when you think of ‘protein’? Dairy? Supplements? And some may even think ‘strength & muscles’! Isn’t it? I’m sure these words crossed your mind!  And if you’re someone who lives in Germany, you can already visualize supermarket alleys filled with a gazillion protein sources. Where each product claims to be the most superior source of protein.…

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8 Of my Top Tips to Balance Fitness and Family like a Ninja

It is tough, I know — to manage family commitments and be dedicated to a fitness journey side by side. Especially after children enter our lives, so many aspects of it change that we could never have prepared ourselves for it. Life starts to take far too many unpredictable turns than we were ever accustomed to, and with each phase of their growing stage,…

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